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Grace Francescato, ND​

The 'Executive​' Naturopath &

Fairy God Mother


I believe in:

- Feeling good

- Looking great

- Being amazing

I believe it's all connected:  mind, body and spirit.

I'm here to help you get it all together so that you live more confidently, empowered

and aligned.


We work together - one on one - to help you feel, look and be the best you can be. 

- Feeling good

We take a holistic approach.  Working from the inside out, we use the body's

innate ability to restore health and wellbeing. We'll look at the whole package:  symptoms, food, habits, lifestyle, mindset ... we'll look at what makes you - you. 

We'll balance it all to activate change so you feel better and achieve your goals.

- Looking great

All big changes take time, so while you begin to feel better we can help you

look great.  We use advanced modern techniques to enhance your appearance

and achieve natural and youthful results.

- Being Amazing

Everyone can feel powerful, whole and beautiful.  Our goal is to help you feel,

look and be the best you can be.

Unfortunately, I am not currently accepting new patients.  Sorry.

I look forward to meeting you in the future.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 



Good living from the inside out.


Young or mature, it is easy to fall into cycles of overwork and undernourishment. While striving to achieve our goals or simply keep all the plates spinning, we tend to neglect ourselves and wonder why we have lost our passion. When we work together to find you more energy and joy, we will look at your life, your body and your mind as a whole, and create solutions together that will help you feel lighter, more at ease and vibrant.


Feeling beautiful feels good. When we feel comfortable in our skin, and confident about the way we look, we are able to let go and jump into life with both feet. We will look at your nutrition, your skin, your environment and more, and find all-natural treatments and sustainable solutions that will have you looking and feeling great fast.


Healthy families feel better, talk more, love more, play more and are more resilient. When I treat families, every individual is taken as a whole, and we will look at the whole picture to help each person feel good and thrive. We will both relieve the stress of dis-ease on your family and help you grow and support each other in your new habits. 


The science of ageing is rapidly evolving, and I stay on top of the cutting edge of technologies and techniques that slow the ageing process. I use a variety of therapies as well as nutritional assessment, PRP facials, hormonal regulation, and supplementation to help mature women feel confident, comfortable and beautiful. 


Feel​ confident,


and joyful

At every stage of life, from the inside out.


Suite 200 1168 Hamilton Street

Vancouver, BC 

Grace Code Naturopathic

Tel: 604-874-0545


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